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Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment

Mrs Olympia Stylianou

Olympia Stylianou was born in Nicosia in 1954. She attended the English School in Nicosia. She studied Economics at the University of London and obtained the degrees of BSc Economics from the London School of Economics and MSc Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

During the period 2.10.1980 to 30.6.1992 Mrs. Stylianou worked at the Planning Bureau of the Republic of Cyprus were she attained the post of Senior Planning Officer. Her duties included conducting surveys, submitting proposals on policy, evaluating plans and programs, planning and monitoring the implementation of Development Plans in various fields. Among others, she dealt with issues concerning population, human resources, unemployment, industrial training, prices, income distribution, the role of women in economic development, policies on technology and social policy.

From 1.7.1992 up to 30.11.2004 Mrs. Stylianou held the post of Director of Industry, which was renamed to Director of Commerce and Industry, at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. She held the responsibility of organizing, monitoring and coordinating work in the following sectors: industrial development, industrial areas, standardization and quality control, industrial extension, high technology industry, energy, industry and environment, metrology, handicrafts. Within the framework of her duties, she assumed an active role in issues of harmonization with the European Union, especially concerning the Chapters of free movement of goods, energy and industry.

Following her promotion to the position of Permanent Secretary in October 2004, Mrs. Stylianou was appointed by the Council of Ministers as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture from 1.12.2004 until 9.1.2014. From this position, Mrs Stylianou contributed to the development and implementation of education, culture, sports and youth policies. She performed an important role in the educational reform program, which was initiated in January 2005, dealing with such issues as the introduction of the Pancyprian Examinations, the implementation of All-day Schools, the restructuring of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the reform of the pre-service training for the Secondary Education teachers, etc.

Mrs. Stylianou was a member and Chairperson of the Cyprus Apprenticeship Board, member of the Boards of Management of the Productivity Centre, of the Higher Technical Institute and of the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, Vice Chairman of the Cyprus Organization for Standard and Control of Quality and Chairperson of the Cyprus Energy Foundation. During her service at the Ministry of Education and Culture, she was Chairperson of the Management Board of the Foundation of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and Chairperson of the Management Board of the Costas Argyrou Museum.

Mrs. Stylianou is married and has two daughters.

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