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04/10/2017 16:30
Remarks by the President of the Republic

The entirely illegal measures taken by the illegal regime in Turkish occupied Cyprus demonstrate which party in fact had the will for the solution of the Cyprus problem at Crans-Montana and which did not, said the President of the Republic Mr. Nicos Anastasiades today.

In his remarks to reporters, on the sidelines of an all-day Football event, when asked about the prohibition of the transfer of goods to the enclaved Greek Cypriot people in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus by the illegal occupation regime, President Anastasiades said that “unfortunately this is the reality which also demonstrates, at the same time, which of the two parties had the readiness to actually negotiate at Crans-Montana so that a solution can be found.

All these measures that are taken, and which are entirely illegal as well as contrary to agreements that have been achieved, are what unfortunately create the further contamination of the good climate which we wanted and which we are trying to cultivate in every way. There will be protests and further steps or even measures taken if necessary.”

In response to a question as to how will the Government of Cyprus address the problem that is being created for the enclaved persons as a result of the decision of the illegal occupation regime to prevent the transfer of humanitarian assistance to them, the President said that “we will address it effectively, in a way, however, that the legitimate state will not pay any kind of duties to an illegal regime.”

Asked whether he had discussed this issue with the UN Secretary General in New York, the President said “yes, it is included in the protests.”

He added that “there will be, beyond that in-person reference to the Secretary General and the written protest, also other protests and steps to the Security Council, and to Heads of state and government of the EU and not just that.”

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