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The Maritime Tradition of Cyprus (Greek - English)

Number of roll ups: 17
Size roll ups: 120cm x 200cm ανά panel (per roll up)
Dimensions per bag for each panel: height 124 cm – width 10 cm
Weight per roll up: 4.40 kg per roll up
Total weight: 75 κg
Note: The exhibition is sent in 17 cases (1 case per roll up)
Printing: Polyester
Language: Greek – English


The history of maritime Cyprus is a fascinating journey that dates centuries back. The photographic exhibition entitled “The Maritime Tradition of Cyprus”, prepared by the Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus, demonstrates that Cyprus’ great maritime tradition bears the stamp of all the civilizations that have flourished on the island over the centuries.

The exhibition is accompanied by printed material and a short strip of duration (a) 3'.27 '' and (b) 43 seconds.
Research: Άννα Μαραγκού
Graphics: Άντρη Ανδρέου
Printing: The Cammasa Touch

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