Newsroom and Website Administration Section

The Section is responsible for the promotion in Cyprus of the work of the Government, the House of Representatives, independent Institutions and state Services, as well as semi-government and other public organisations.

The Section’s Officers write, edit and diffuse electronically to all print and electronic mass media in Cyprus, as well as to the diplomatic missions of the Republic abroad and foreign diplomatic missions in Cyprus, official press releases, announcements, information and activities of the aforementioned bodies, and forward to the media statements by foreign governments, international organisations or foreign political personalities concerning Cyprus.

Many of the official press releases and especially those with an international angle, are translated into English, posted on the PIO website and immediately sent out to foreign correspondents and other interested parties in Cyprus.

The Officers of the Newsroom and Website Administration Section are also entrusted with the following tasks:
•Daily review of the CyBC’s morning radio programme ‘proino dromologio’;
•Monitoring of news agencies (local and foreign) and foreign (English-speaking) Press, in the afternoon and evening;
•Accreditation of media representatives for parades and visits of foreign officials in Cyprus.

The Section is responsible for the posting of all press releases and news feed on the official website of the Press and Information Office (www.pio.gov.cy). Besides the daily news feed, photos of government activities, the calendar of activities of the President, the Ministers and other government officials, the daily news bulletin of the Turkish Cypriot Press in English, and PIO publications, are also posted on the website. Furthermore, documents on current issues prepared by the Officers of the Section, are posted on the site, while existing texts are being updated accordingly. There is also a database with documents by international organizations on the Cyprus problem and Cyprus in general, which is being constantly enriched.

The Newsroom and Website Administration Section’s working hours are the following:
Mon - Fri : 08:00 - 21:30
Saturday: 08:30 - 14:15
Sunday: 09:30 - 17:30

It often stays open during public holidays and also extends its working hours when necessary.

Liaison Officers at the Ministries

Officers of the Newsroom and Website Administration Section are based, as Liaison Officers, at the Presidential Palace and the Ministries of Interior, Defence, Foreign Affairs, Justice and Public Order, Agriculture, Communications and Works, Health, Education and Culture, and Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, in order to cover the activities and statements by the President of the Republic, the Ministers and the Government Spokesman. The statements and activities of the President of the House of Representatives, are also covered by an Officer of the Section working at the PIO. Moreover, the Liaison Officers:

Are in direct contact with media representatives for the direct promotion of the work of each Ministry, and handle communication and publicity issues of the Ministries,
Issue press releases with statements or other activities of the Ministers,
Write and/or edit speeches by the Ministers,
Organise press conferences for the Ministers,
Review the daily print and electronic Press in order to brief the Ministers and the Government Spokesman,
Respond to publications and unfounded reports,
Make arrangements for the Ministers’ interviews to local and foreign media, and
Prepare information material on various issues for the Ministers.

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