Local Media Section

The Local Media Section processes all the work relevant to the implementation of the Press Law. Prior to the publication of a local newspaper/magazine, the availability of the newspaper/magazine title is checked. Once an affidavit plus the required fees are submitted to the PIO, the necessary registration documents are issued.

For the publication of a newspaper/magazine in the Republic by non EU nationals a procedure provided for by the Law is followed with the co-operation of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Police.

A Mass Media catalogue is compiled, a check of the local newspapers/magazines delivered to the PIO for archiving is performed and a record is kept.

A record of all the books published in Cyprus is kept. The books are received and details are entered in a Register. Additionally, the book titles and relevant information are published in the official Government Gazette.

Press Officers of the Section appear before District Courts as witnesses in cases of libel and submit certified copies of local newspapers upon request by various Law Offices.

Issuing and renewal of Press Cards to journalists.

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