Communication Planning and European Affairs Section

•Communication Planning: the section is responsible for the promotion of the main priorities/objectives of the Government, on the basis of its own suggestions or at the initiative of the Ministries and after consultation with the Ministries, as well as in the framework of the promotion of Civil Service reforms. The objective is the best and widest possible promotion of these priorities/objectives, by making use of the resources and tools available in the different sections of the PIO (e.g. publications, audiovisual productions, website, etc.), as well as by implementing other communication proposals (public consultation, press conferences, etc.).

•European Affairs: the section contributes to the promotion of communication between the EU and the Cyprus citizens. On the basis of the priorities set by the EU each year, the section organizes in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Cyprus and the Office of the European Parliament in Cyprus, Embassies of the EU member states, Ministries, Municipalities and other stakeholders a series of events and activities (workshops, public debates, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, academic and journalist workshops) with the aim to raise the awareness and inform citizens on EU policies and actions and the rights emanating from European citizenship. At the same time, the section writes, edits and publishes brochures and booklets and cooperates with the private sector for the production of audiovisual material, focusing on themes consistent with the EU communication priorities and various other topics of interest to citizens. It also participates in the organization of European events such as Europe Day (May 9) and the European Mobility Week.

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