Foreign Mass Media Section


•Monitoring the international press and briefing the Government

Daily compilation of an international press review, with reports that concern or interest Cyprus, through the electronic monitoring of foreign news agencies and important foreign media, as well us through material forwarded by the diplomatic missions. Daily compilation of a review of the Greek press, for briefing state officials, services and agencies and the wider public sector.

•Keeping an electronic publications archive and evaluating foreign press articles

Keeping an electronic archive of articles (summaries and translation), which concern and interest Cyprus, as well as of the programmes and assessment reports of the visits of foreign journalists to Cyprus, which offers direct and quick access and correlation of the information requested.

•Facilities to foreign media correspondents based in Cyprus

Frequent and direct communication with foreign correspondents based in Cyprus, assisting them in the arrangement of meetings with state officials and providing them with information on issues of interest to them and with important material that the Government wishes to communicate to them and informing them of important events they may be interested to cover. Also, issuing and renewal of press cards for foreign correspondents and keeping an archive of their contact details.

•Organizing visits of international media representatives to Cyprus

Preparation of programmes of meetings for journalists who visit Cyprus at the invitation of the PIO or at their own initiative, escorting journalists to official meetings whenever necessary, providing information material to journalists and recording the interviews where needed. Assisting journalists, who are accompanying dignitaries during official visits to Cyprus. Setting up press centres to meet the increased needs of the media.

•Implementation of the communication strategy of the Government and promotion of Cyprus abroad

Monitoring and study of the international media and their views on Cyprus, submission of proposals for meetings / interviews and preparation of documents on issues that are related to Cyprus and are of interest to a country’s local media. Extending invitations to journalists from the country where the President of the Republic or the Minister of Foreign Affairs will pay an official visit and arranging an interview with an important media of the country, which may be published before or during the day of the visit as well as making arrangements for interviews or meetings with the country’s media representatives during the visit.

Submission of proposals promoting Cyprus in the country holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU, taking into consideration the conditions prevailing in the country itself and the current developments in Cyprus and abroad. Assessment of the media of the Presiding country and their stance towards Cyprus, production and distribution of information material to important media and/or its dispatch to targeted journalists, inviting journalists to visit Cyprus etc.

•Preparing action and communication plans

Preparing action plans to promote the role of Cyprus based on the priorities and objectives of the Government’s communication policy. Preparing reports on the reactions of foreign media in relation to Cyprus at specific periods and promoting targeted communication plans for media.

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