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28/07/2017 8:15
Written statement by the Government Spokesman Mr Nikos Christodoulides, yesterday

Mr Akinci resorts to distorted and false references, which aim to ascribe to the President of the Republic and the Greek Cypriot community a purported lack of readiness for a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Mr Akinci is obviously making an effort to justify the Turkish intransigent positions, which include his own demands for the continuation of the Treaty of Guarantee, intervention rights (by Turkey) and permanent presence of Turkish troops in Cyprus.

Placed in the same framework is also the vague position of the Turkish side about accepting territorial readjustments with the return of part of Morphou, and without the return of the Maronite villages, despite the contrary will of their inhabitants.

We do not wish to comment on Mr Akinci’s role or lack of role in all that took place at the critical negotiations in Crans-Montana.

Instead of resorting to such unfounded references, it would be preferable for Mr Akinci to contemplate whether he is helping the Turkish Cypriot community with his overall stance, and how he actually safeguards the future of Turkish Cypriots through approaches that are completely in line with those of Turkey.

Everyone is being judged at the negotiating table through the proposals he submits and his overall approach in the effort to resolve the Cyprus problem. And at Crans-Montana, the Greek Cypriot side was the only one that submitted specific proposals within the framework of the UN Secretary General and which, unfortunately, did not get any response, either written or verbal, from the Turkish side.

If Mr Akinci truly desires the comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem within the framework of the UN resolutions and the principles and values of the EU, then he should persuade Turkey to accept the challenge/invitation that was extended yesterday by the President of the Republic.

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