Archive Development, New Technologies, Training and Audiovisual Productions Section

Archive Development:
The section has the responsibility of modernising developing and making available to the public, the PIO’s Newspaper Archives, the Photographic Archives, the press Releases and the Enlightenment Film Archives. The aim is to inform the general public about their prestige, wealth, worth and usefulness.

The Newspaper Archive is part of the history of Cyprus and the goal is to preserve and utilize it to the maximum, to make it accessible not only to scholars / researchers but also to ordinary citizens. Each year, on a daily basis, the section assists thousands of individuals, government departments and services and certifies copies of newspaper publications, which are used in court. The Press and Information Office has been running for the past 6 years a project for the digitization of newspapers, which is the only project of its kind currently running in Cyprus. The Section has the responsibility of the digitisation process.

The Photographic Archive numbers more than 1.000.000 negatives of different dimensions, which date as far back as the 1950’s and run all the way to 2004, when the transition was made to digital photography. Research is conducted either in the digitized archives, or the archives in negative form, accessed through contact prints.

• The Press Releases Archive dates back to 1962 and constitutes a significant source of information for the public and especially for researchers, students and journalists. The digitisation of the PIO official press releases started five years ago and the digitized material is published on the website http://www.piopressreleases.com.cy.

• The Enlightenment Film Archive comprises of short films on various topics, produced mainly by the PIO. The films are uploaded on the website http://www.cyprusonfilm.com and are available in three languages Greek, English and French. Each accompanied by a brief description of its content as well as a trailer of 15 ''.

New Technologies and Training:
The section is responsible for the technical support of the PIO and smooth functioning of the website of the Press and Information Office (http://www.moi.gov.cy/pio) through cooperation and coordination with the Department of Information Technology Services.

Apart from the official website of the PIO (http://www.pio.gov.cy), the section also provides technical support to the following websites maintained by the PIO.

http://www.cyprusonfilm.com - (short films about Cyprus in various languages)
http://www.peri-kyprou.com - http://www.aspectsofcyprus.com – (general information about Cyprus and rich photographic material)
http://www.aboutcyprus.org.cy - (general information about Cyprus and information about tourism and culture)
http://www.piopressreleases.com.cy - (digitized press releases from the PIO archive)

Within the competences of the section is also the utilization of modern information technology and interactive multimedia as well as the training of the PIO personnel.

•Digital disks - CDs
The section has the responsibility of managing the PIO’s e-publications which are distributed in CDs and DVDs. The bilingual digital disks “About Cyprus” / “Aspects of Cyprus” also functions as a website.

•Projects and Databases
The section also deals with IT issues, in order to support the operations of other PIO sections and enhance their productivity.

•Launch of the first Research Centre
The Press and Information Office launched on 14 November 2011, the first Research Centre in collaboration with the Municipality of Limassol. The Research Centre operates in the framework of Pattichion Municipal Museum and the Historic Archive and Research Centre and is housed at the District Officer’s residence. The procedure is underway for the establishment and operation of a second research centre in Nicosia.

•Electronic Equipment
Another responsibility of the section is the upgrading of the Press and Information Office’s electronic equipment as well as establishing and operating Press Centres when necessary.

Audiovisual Productions:
The section is responsible for public procurement for the production of short documentary films that are intended to promote Cyprus, both at home and abroad. The themes for the films are drawn both from current affairs topics, as well as the objectives and priorities of the Government. Depending on the content, they are uploaded on the website “Cyprus on Film” or promoted otherwise, in Cyprus and abroad.

•Photographic Department
The section has the overall responsibility of the Photographic Department of the Press and Information Office, consisting of three main pillars:

•Photographic Coverage
•Photographic Exhibitions
• Photographic Archive

Photographic Coverage is fundamental for the PIO’s website, Publications and Photographic Archive, as well as for use by domestic and foreign media.Tthe section provides photographic coverage for the activities of the President of the Republic (in Cyprus and abroad), the President of the House of Representatives and the Ministers, as well as for important events that take place on the island. Part of the photographic coverage material is used in publications or posted on the PIO website.

Photographic Exhibitions
The PIO has produces a large number of photographic exhibitions, which are exhibited mainly abroad for enlightenment purposes. The photographic exhibitions are also exhibited in Cyprus within the framework of various events.
The themes of the photographic exhibitions are based on Cyprus’ political problem and the promotion of the island's culture, as well as the Government’s communication strategy and specifically the communication strategy of the Ministries. Furthermore, the themes for the photographic exhibitions are sometimes based on the needs of the Cyprus embassies abroad and the island’s major events and anniversaries.

Photographic Archive
More than 1.000.000 negatives of various formats comprise the Photographic Archive of the Press and Information Office. These negatives cover the period from 1950 until 2004, when there was a transition to digital photography.
Along other tasks, the personnel of the Photographic Archive assists researchers (journalists, writers, students etc ) in finding the photographs they need to document their researches, as well as organised groups (universities, municipalities, organizations, etc.) wishing to enrich their archives or their publications.

•Cinema Department
The Cinema Department has the following duties:

• Projection of 35 mm cinema movies for the Board of Film Classification.
• Projection of films for enlightenment purposes, to pupils and students.
• Reproduction of PIO films and DVDs for enlightenment purposes as well as reproduction of DVDs of films of other government departments.
• Programming and recording of TV programs.
• Programming and supervision of the satellite and TV channels for the PIO TV devices.
• Filming of various events and. Livestreaming.

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