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04/07/2017 8:09
Remarks by the Government Spokesman on Turkish Foreign Minister's statements

The Government Spokesman, Mr Nikos Christodoulides has expressed regret over the remarks made by Turkey's Minister of Foreign Affairs in Switzerland.

In statements to reporters yesterday evening in Crans Montana, Mr Christodoulides said that "it is with regret that we heard some remarks on the part of the Turkish Foreign Minister. Probably, some people don't realize the seriousness and critical nature of the moment; probably, they wish to serve other purposes; probably, they are in a difficult situation and make remarks that don't reflect the state of affairs in any way whatsoever.

And because we are being watched by the people of Cyprus, who are really interested in seeing a result coming out of the discussions here in Switzerland, I would invite the (Turkish) Foreign Minister to speak publicly about the Turkish proposal, to make it public, to describe the Turkish proposal on the issue of security and guarantees, as it has been submitted."


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