Fiscal Accounts of General Government - Final Results 2016
The 2017 EDP procedure has been completed and verified by Eurostat and fiscal accounts, which are compiled by the Statistical Service in accordance to EU concepts and definitions (ESA 2010), have been finalised as follows: The 2016 annual public sector balance registered a surplus of €82,4 mn, that corresponds to 0,5% of GDP, as opposed to a deficit of 1,2% (€208,7 mn) for 2015. Tot...


New digital publication by Eurostat presenting the life of women and men in Europe – A statistical portrait
Our lives are filled with different milestones, such as starting school, leaving the parental home and starting work, getting married, having children, retiring… When it comes to education, employment, careers and earnings, but also childcare, health and nutrition habits, or cultural, sports and internet habits, there are large differences between women and men but also between EU Member...


Tourist Arrivals – September 2017: +14,8%
On the basis of the results of the Passengers Survey, arrivals of tourists reached 483.716 in September 2017, compared to 421.201 in September 2016, recording an increase of 14,8%. September 2017 had the highest volume of tourist arrivals ever recorded in Cyprus during the specific month. For the period of January – September 2017 arrivals of tourists totaled 3.001.603 compared to 2.617...


European Statistics Day – 20 October 2017
The European Statistics Day will be celebrated for the second time on 20 October 2017. The aim of the celebration is for the world to acknowledge and celebrate the role of statistics in our societies. Official statistics are of vital importance, helping users obtain an overall picture of specific areas of interest and policy makers to formulate evidence-based decisions and plans. In Cyp...


Household Budget Survey: 2015-2016
Average Annual Consumption Expenditure €31.206 According to the results of the Household Budget Survey 2015-2016, the average annual consumption expenditure per household for 2015-2016 amounted to €31.206, compared to €38.547 in 2009 (Chart 1). A decrease of 19,0% was recorded compared to 2009. In the urban areas the average annual consumption expenditure for 2015-2016 was €31.884 co...


House Price Index (HPI) – Q2 2017: Annual Change 3,6%
According to preliminary estimate of the Statistical Service, the HPI for the second quarter of 2017 amounts to 102,74 units. Compared to the first quarter of 2017, the index increased by 3,1%, while compared to the corresponding index of the previous year, the index increased by 3,6%. The fluctuation of the Index for the period between the second quarter of 2016 and the second quarter ...


Registrations of Motor Vehicles during January-September 2017
The Statistical Service announces the publication of the report entitled “Registration of Motor Vehicles” for the period January-September 2017. The main developments in the first nine months of 2017, compared to the same period of 2016, were: (a) The total registrations of motor vehicles increased by 29,4% to 32.833 in January-September 2017, from 25.375 vehicles in the same period o...


The Harmonized Price Index increased by 0,1% in September 2017
In September 2017, the Harmonized Price Index increased by 0,1% when compared to September 2016, while compared to August of 2017 decreased by 0,8%. For the period January-September 2017 the HICP recorded an increase of 0,9% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. (Table 1) Note: The HICP in Euro area for the last month is based on EUROSTAT estimation (flash estimate)...


Foreign trade statistics for July 2017
The Statistical Service of Cyprus announces that it has published the new monthly electronic publication titled: “Intra-Extra EU trade statistics (Summarised data)” for July 2017. The main developments in Cyprus foreign trade were: (a) Total imports/arrivals (covering total imports from third countries and arrivals from other EU member states) in January-July 2017 amounted to €4.262,1 ...


Poverty and social exclusion 2016
At Risk of Poverty or Social Exclusion (AROPE) 27,7% According to the results of the survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) 2016, with income reference period year 2015, 27,7% of the population or 233.942 persons were at risk of poverty or social exclusion (AROPE indicator, one of the 9 headline indicators in the European Union’s strategy «Europe 2020»). Namely, 27,7% of the popu...

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