Results of the survey on information and communication Technologies (ICT) usage and e-Commerce in enterprises 2017
Internet connections In 2017, the number of enterprises using high speed internet connections is increased. The percentage of enterprises having maximum download speed between 10Mbit/s and 30Mbit/s has reached 44% compared to 39,4% in 2016. For speeds between 30Mbit/s and 100Mbit/s the corresponding percentages for 2017 and 2016 were 18,9% and 11,8 %. (Figure 1, Τable 1) In 2017...


Consumer price index: November 2017 - Inflation 0,3%
In November 2017, the Consumer Price Index increased by 0,10 units to 99,44 units compared to 99,34 units in October 2017. Compared to November 2016, CPI is increased by 0,3% while for the period January - November 2017, CPI is increased by 0,6% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. (Table 1) In the twelve-month period from December 2016 to November 2017, in compariso...


Registered unemployed: November 2017
The unemployed persons, registered at the district Labour Offices on the last day of November 2017, reached 33.780 persons. Based on the seasonally adjusted data that show the trend of unemployment, the number of registered unemployed for November 2017 decreased to 31.045 persons in comparison to 31.497 in the previous month. (Table 1) In comparison with November 2016, a decrease of 6.8...


Latest Figures: Generation and Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste, 2016
The Statistical Service estimates that the total amount of municipal solid waste generated in Cyprus in 2016 stood at 545 thousand tones, compared to 541 thousand tones in 2015, recording an increase of 0,8%. The total amount of waste treated in 2016 was 521 thousand tones, of which 78,7% was disposed to landfills, 14,1% was sorted for recycling, 4,0% was sorted for composting and the r...


New Publication: Demographic Report 2016
The Statistical Service announces that it has published the “Demographic Report 2016”. The report gives, inter alia, an account of population developments and provides data on a time series basis on fertility, mortality, marriages, divorces and migration. The most salient demographic developments during 2016 can be summarized as follows: (a) The population in the government controlle...

23/11/2017 12:00

Activity – Finance Minister – National Betting Authority
The Minister of Finance, Mr Harris Georgiades, will address the first annual meeting of the National Betting Authority, at the Royal Hall.


Foreign Trade Statistics January - August 2017
The Statistical Service of Cyprus announces that it has published the monthly electronic publication “Intra-Extra EU Trade Statistics (by commodity and country)” for January - August 2017. It includes detailed quantity and value data on imports and exports of domestically produced goods and foreign goods, classified by the sixth digit commodity code and by partner country. The main deve...


Tourist arrivals: October 2017
On the basis of the results of the passengers survey, arrivals of tourists reached 406.870 in October 2017 compared to 357.194 in October 2016, recording an increase of 13,9%. October 2017 had the highest volume of tourist arrivals ever recorded in Cyprus during the specific month. For the period of January – October 2017 arrivals of tourists totaled 3.408.473 compared to 2.974.412 in t...


Foreign Trade Statistics – August 2017
The Statistical Service of Cyprus announces that it has published the new monthly electronic publication “Intra-Extra EU Trade Statistics (Summarised Data)” for August 2017. The main developments in Cyprus foreign trade were: (a) Total imports/arrivals (covering total imports from third countries and arrivals from other EU member states) in January-August 2017 amounted to €4.900,7 mn...

09/11/2017 12:00

Activity – Finance Minister – Press statements
The Minister of Finance, Mr Harris Georgiades, will make statements to the Press, at the Ministry of Finance (3rd floor).

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