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The Cyprus News Agency (CNA) is an independent and autonomous institution operating under the Cyprus News Agency Law.

It is governed by a seven-member Board of Directors consisting mainly of journalists representing the Cyprus Journalists Union, the Cyprus Newspaper and Magazine Publishers Association, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, the Press and Information Office and the Ministry of Interior.

In 1989, the House of Representatives approved legislation providing for the operation of the Cyprus News Agency as a semi-government organisation with full editorial independence.

As part of its mission, the agency publishes subscription-based news and photos to the media and news in three languages: Greek, Turkish, English. It also offers photographic services (daily and archive).

Furthermore, it offers three news services (24-hour news summary, overview of Cypriot Press, Bulletin of overseas communities’ activities).

CNA: P.O. Box 23947, 1687 Nicosia, News Department: Tel: 22556000, Fax: 22556100, Website:, email:,, Tel: 22556009, Fax: 22556103, Board Chairman: Larkos Larkou, Director / Chief Editor: George Penintaex.

International News Agencies

Cyprus is used by various international mass media as a regional hub for covering news stories on Cyprus and the wider region. Several factors contribute to this fact, namely, Cyprus’ significant geographical position, the existing conditions of safety, good climate, cultural level and Cyprus hospitality. The high level of offered services, especially in telecommunications, and the existence of skilled local staff, also play a decisive role.

Renowned international news agencies that have offices in Cyprus are the following:

Agence France-Presse, (email:
ANSA (Italian News Agency), (email: )
Associated Press, (email:
Athens News Agency, (email:
EFE (Spanish News Agency), (email:
ITAR-TASS (Russian News Agency), (email:
Reuters, (email:
XINHUA (Chinese News Agency), (email:
Polish News Agency (email: )

Residing in Cyprus are also correspondents of international TV and radio networks, such as the Voice of America, Deutsche Welle and others, as well prominent foreign newspapers and magazines, such as The Times, The Irish Times, Aftonbladet, Turun Sanomat, Komsomolskaya Pravda, The Economist Intelligence Unit and others.

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