EUROPEAN AFFAIRS - Communication with citizens

Communication with the EU citizens is the primary concern of the European Institutions aimed at strenghtening confidence in the European vision. The EU communication policy is mainly based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which is rendered legally binding by the Treaty of Lisbon, since it guarantees the right to all EU citizens to be informed about European issues.

The Communication policy of the EU in Cyprus
The Establishment of the European Affairs Section at the Press and Information Office on 29/01/2004, following a decision of the Council of Ministers, was one of the first tangible signs of the Republic of Cyprus’ commitment to contribute to EU communication with Cyprus citizens at national and local level.

Since then, based on the communication priorities set each year by the EU, in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in Cyprus and the European Parliament Office in Cyprus and other agencies, the European Affairs Section organizes a series of events with the aim to raise the awareness and inform citizens on how the EU policies affect their everyday life and on their right to express their views, thus promoting their active participation in the public debate and in the democratic life of the Union.

At the same time, the European Affairs Section writes, edits and distributes print and electronic publications and cooperates with the private sector for the production of audiovisual material, focusing on themes that are consistent with the EU communication priorities and various other topics of interest to citizens. The Section also participates in the organization of European commemorative events, such as Europe Day (9 May), European Mobility Day, etc.

Finally, the Section partially subsidizes websites and newspapers for publishing texts on European issues and radio programs with similar content.

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