EUROPEAN AFFAIRS - Cyprus Presidency

Eight years after its accession to the EU, the Republic of Cyprus assumed for the first time the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the second semester of 2012.
Cyprus was the third member state of the Trio Presidency, together with Poland and Denmark. The 18-month Trio period started on 1st July 2011 with the assumption of the Presidency by Poland and ended on 31st December 2012, with the conclusion of the Cyprus Presidency. The Presidency was exercised on the basis of a common programme which was prepared by the three member states, in close and continuous cooperation with the General Secretariat of the EU Council.

Towards a Better Europe
The Cyprus Presidency had been committed, from day one to do its utmost to work “Towards a Better Europe”, more relevant to its citizens and to the world. In this framework four priorities were set: (a) Europe, more efficient and sustainable, (b) Europe, with a better performing and growth-based economy, (c) Europe, more relevant to its citizens, with solidarity and social cohesion, and (d) Europe in the world, closer to its neighbours.

‘Filoxenia' - Hospitality
The vision of the Cyprus Presidency towards a “Better Europe” was expressed through its central message: the meaning of hospitality, a special characteristic of our people that goes back to the sacred institution of the ancient Greeks and refers to our eagerness to welcome and take care of visitors. For the Cyprus Presidency, however, filoxenia meant something more than that: a whole-hearted welcome to innovation and development, trade and spiritual exchanges, unity through diversity, dialogue and social cohesion.

Achievements of the Cyprus Presidency
Acting as an honest broker, the Cyprus Presidency successfully addressed and achieved substantial progress on key EU issues. The highlights of the Presidency include the historic agreement with the European Parliament on the Unitary Patent Package and the Agreement in Council on the Single Supervisory Mechanism.

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