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Press admittedly constitutes a significant source of information for researchers. Its significance becomes even more salient bearing in mind that during the last two decades of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century the publication activity was very limited.

The Press and Information Office has proceeded with the digitization of its newspaper archive, which is accessible for the general public both at the PIO premises in Nicosia and the Research Centre in Limassol.

The digitized newspaper archive has been loaded onto a server, which is accessible to several computers. The server is equipped with the latest software word search engine programme in Greek (demotic, katharevousa, archaic). The visitor can, therefore, carry out his/her research in the digitized archive easily and quickly through a computer.

The digitized archive material dates back to 1878 and spans more than a century. Moreover, the available digitized pages total around one million, thus enabling the visitor to delve into an astonishingly rich archive. There is also a list available with all the digitized newspapers, as well as the specific time period during which each newspaper was circulating.

Limassol Research Centre

The Press and Information Office’s collaboration with the Municipality of Limassol and in particular, with the Patticheion Municipal Museum, Historical Archives and Research Centre of Limassol, opens up new horizons for the study of local history, in which Limassol Foundation has been specializing ever since its establishment, following a groundbreaking initiative of the Municipality of Limassol. The PIO’s collaboration with local authorities constitutes a good example of information dissemination. The idea is that by rendering information widely accessible, knowledge society is reinforced.

At the Research Centre in Limassol, scientists, scholars, journalists, students (of the Cyprus Technological University and other universities), pupils, as well as the general public, can have easy access to the digitized material of the Press and Information Office’s invaluable newspaper archive.

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