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Certified translations

The Translation Section is the official Government department providing certified translations. The Section undertakes translations for both members of the public as well as other Government departments. For translations that don't need any certification, you may contact the Pancyprian Union of Graduate Translators and Interpreters or any private translation agency.

Languages offered

English, Arabic, Armenian,Bulgarian, French, German, Georgian, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Norwegian,Turkish, Czech, and Croatian into Greek and vice versa.

Information for the public in brief

• You need to bring the original + two photocopies + prepayment in cash or bank cheque to Office number 11 on the ground floor. Ιf you need copies, you can either use the PIO’s copy services by paying the relative fee (€ 0,20) per page of A4 and A3, or bring the required number of copies with you.
• Prepayment is required. Payments by bank transfer are not accepted.
• There is the option of submission /delivery of documents by courier service.
• The time needed for the completion of a translation depends on the length and content of the document.
• Urgent translations for which extra fees have been paid (8 euro per page), are delivered as follows: for texts consisting of 1 or 2 pages, the translation is delivered the following working day, after 11 am. For longer texts, an arrangement should be made with the competent officer.
• You will get one (1) copy of the translation. If you need more certified copies, the cost will be €3.40 for the first page and €1.70 per following page.
• Let us know how you want names to be translated (e.g. John or Yiannis or Giannis etc).
• For translations that will be submitted abroad you may need to get an apostille. Please consult with the Ministry of Justice before submitting the documents for translation.
• For school leaving certificates you need to have your document certified by the Ministry of Education and Culture and in certain cases apostilled at the Ministry of Justice before the translation.
• To track your translation we need to know the language pair and the 5 digit reference number written on your receipt.
• Information on working hours and location can be found below.

Translation rates per page and prepayment:

Plain text (less than 250 words): €22
Brief translations (less than 125 words): €13
Educational documents: €19
Specialized text: €25
Turkish documents: €22,50

In the event that electronic word count is not possible, we make an estimation of the number of pages. About two thirds of the estimated cost is paid upon submission and the rest is paid upon collection, based on the number of words of the translation. You are advised to keep your receipt and always present it when collecting your translated documents.

Other services:

Checking of translations, € 11 per page.
Re-issuing documents that were translated up to one year back, € 10 per page.


By submitting documents for translation, you automatically acknowledge that you agree to the following:

1. The cost of the translation is calculated according to the word-count of the translated text. This means that if a text was translated from language A into language B, the cost will be calculated according to the word count of the text in language B.

2. Every 250 words are considered as one page. The remaining words can be considered as a whole page if there are 125 words or more.

3) If the translated text contains only 125 words or less, it will be considered as short text.

4) If it is not clear from the beginning whether a text should be considered as plain or specialized, the final cost will be calculated when the translation has been completed.

5) In the event that you do not agree with the above, we’d like to inform you that you still have the right to translate the texts by yourselves and bring it for checking by paying only € 11 per page. However, you should bear in mind that if more than three mistakes are detected during the checking process, the text will have to be translated again (after you have been informed accordingly) and charged at the regular price.


The PIO outsources all translation services. In other words, our translators are not permanent employees of the Office, but work with us as freelancers. The external translators must hold a translator’s and/or interpreter’s degree in their specified language/s. If there are no candidates available who meet these requirements, translators are selected among foreign literature graduates or holders of a degree in any other discipline from a university abroad who have excellent knowledge of the language spoken in the country in which they received their higher education. Please bear in mind that when translators are needed, it is announced in the official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus and candidates must take written exams for assessment purposes.

Presentation of the Original Document

The PIO does not accept copies of documents for translation if the original document has not been presented, unless the bearer consents that a seal be affixed indicating that no original has been presented.

However, presentation of the original document is always required when the document belongs to one of the following categories:

1. Educational Documents
2. Marriage Certificates
3. Birth Certificates
4. Death Certificates
5. Clear Criminal Record Certificates
6. Passports
7. ID Cards
8. Bank Account Reports
9. Property deeds
10. Legal Documents

Document Reception/Delivery

Ground floor, office no. 11 and 18

Working hours

The Section is open to the public at the following hours:
Monday - Friday 8.00 - 15:00


For information: 22-801-117







To send/receive a translation by courier, tel: 22-801-142


Press and Information Office
Translation Section
Apellis st.
1456, Nicosia


Last update: December 2017

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