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Press and Information Office (PIO)
5-7 Apellis St.
1080 Lefkosia (Nicosia), Cyprus
Tel: +357 22801117
Fax: +357 22666123
Ε-mail: registry@pio.moi.gov.cy, communications@pio.moi.gov.cy

To contact the Government Spokesman:
Tel: +357 22801101
Fax: +357 22303115
E-mail: govspokesman@pio.moi.gov.cy

To contact the Director of the PIO:
Tel: +357 22801103
Fax: +357 22666123
E-mail: director@pio.moi.gov.cy

To contact the PIO Newsroom:
Tel: +357 22801196, -199
E-mail: newsroom@pio.moi.gov.cy

To contact the E-communications section:
Tel: +357 22801328
E-mail: communications@pio.moi.gov.cy

To contact the International Relations and European Affairs section:
Tel: + 357 22801168
Email: internationalrelations@pio.moi.gov.cy

To contact the Local Press section:
Tel: + 357 22801151
Email: epapadopoulou@pio.moi.gov.cy

For certified translations:
Tel: + 357 22801130, -131, -133
Email: transations@pio.moi.gov.cy

Below is a map of the general vicinity of the Press and Information Office:
View Γραφείο Τύπου και Πληροφοριών (ΓΤΠ) / Press and Information Office (PIO) in a larger map

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