Water Development Department


The Water Development Department is responsible for the protection and sustainable development as well as the rational management of the water resources of Cyprus, in accordance with European and National legislation and within the framework of the Government water policy in force from time to time. The Department is invited to fulfil a number of objectives covering a wide spectrum of actions whose main axes are the following: ensure the maximum possible satisfaction of water requirements for all uses; encourage the effective use of water resources and secure the quality and protection of water sources and the water environment.

The duties and responsibilities of the Department are as summarised as follows:

-The planning, study, construction and operation of waterworks such as dams, reservoirs, water conveyance projects, irrigation and water supply networks and water treatment plants.
-Obtaining the necessary quantities of desalinated water through relevant contracts.
-Managing and supplying water from Government Waterworks for various uses.
-Monitoring the water status and the water balance and the preparation and implementation of plans to manage the effects of droughts.
-The Implementation of the national programme for the implementation of European Directive on the Treatment of Urban Waste Water with actions relating to the planning and construction of relevant waste water collection and treatment works.
-The implementation of actions for the protection of surface and ground water bodies.
-The monitoring and assessment of the qualitative and quantitative status of groundwater and surface waters.
-The collection and treatment of hydrological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and other data for the study, maintenance and safety of development works and the protection and management of water.
-The implementation of the provisions of the Evaluation, Management and Handling of Flood Risks legislation.
-The development of a water conscience for the rational use and saving of water
-The management of solid wastes (this field was assigned to the WDD in 2016)

As a result of the semi-dry climate, the climatic change and the reduction of rainfall in the area of Cyprus, along with the development that occurred in the last decades, the improvement of the standard of living and the increase of the permanent population and tourism, the country struggles with permanent water shortages as the limited natural water sources are unable to respond to the increasing requirements. Within the framework of its duties, the WDD takes action to handle water shortages and ensure adequate quantities of water of appropriate quality, for the requirements of various uses. At the same time, it implements measures to encourage the more effective use of water, the rational management of water and the protection of water resources and the water environment.

In addition to the construction and operation of large waterworks for the storage and use of surface run-offs, the Department also takes action towards the reinforcement of the water balance with water coming from unconventional sources. Within this framework, desalinised water is used to ensure that the requirements in drinking water are fulfilled. At the same time, the use of recycled water for irrigation purposes which is a reliable and stable source of water with important financial and environmental benefits, is also actively encouraged.

In 2016, the duties and responsibilities of the WDD have been extended to the field of Solid Waste Management, as the Department was assigned the role of Technical Advisor of the district Councils for the Exploitation of the Solid Waste Disposal Sites. Within this framework, the Department will promote the completion of all new construction works for the Management of Solid Waste referred to in the “National Strategy for the Management of Municipal Waste 2015-2021”.

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