Water Development Department

International Affiliations


The Department is responsible to monitor the acquis aiming primarily to set up the necessary conditions for the sustainable development, protection and management of water resources of Cyprus within the framework of an integrated water policy. To achieve this objective, our officers of the Department systematically and materially participate in the official bodies of the European Union in relation to the areas of competence of the Department, such as the Group of Water Directors of the European Union, the Strategic Coordination Group for the implementation of the EU Framework directive on Water, the various working groups and guidance committees/ advisory groups.

The Department monitors the main European Directives on water issues such as the Framework Directive on Water, the Groundwater Directive, the Directive on Environmental Quality standards, the Directive on floods, the Directive on the enactment of technical specifications for the chemical analysis and monitoring of the status of water, the Directive on the Internal Market etc.

An important duty of the Department is to monitor the financing instruments of the EU, mainly as regards the cohesion policy. In addition, the Department contributes in the working Groups of the Council for the Environment, with comments and views on water related issues, through the permanent delegation of the Republic of Cyprus.

In addition to its action on European Union related issues and its cooperation with Member States, the Department aims also to strengthen the national, international and regional cooperation to handle joint challenges in the field of water management and to enhance knowledge about subjects pertaining to research and the development of innovative technologies, through cooperation. Within this framework, Memoranda of understanding have been signed for bilateral and trilateral cooperation in the field of water resources.

At the same time, the Department monitors the developments of the initiative “Union for the Mediterranean- Water” which sets the guidelines for a long-term strategy for water in the Mediterranean region.

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