Water Development Department

Governmental Water Supply Systems

Government Water Supply Systems (GWSS) are part of the infrastructure of the Government Water Works aiming to supply drinking water (drinking water for human consumption) to the Local Water supply authorities (Water Supply authorities, Municipalities and Communities) which in turn distribute water to the consumers of their areas through their own distribution networks.

Government Water Supply systems are managed by the Water Development Department. Nowadays, they serve more than 180 local Water Supply Communities with a rate exceeding 80% of the total drinking water requirements throughout Cyprus. These are the Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca Water Supply boards (which serve in turn a great number of residents in the municipalities and communities of urban and sub-urban areas) and municipalities and communities acting as independent Water Supply Authorities. Many of them have their own sources of drinking water which they use depending on the water status. The Water Development Department supplies drinking water to Local Water Supply Authorities as against a price determined on the basis of the Pricing Policy and the fees from time to time, in accordance with the legislation.

Nowadays, there are four Government Water Supply Systems, as follows:

Nicosia GWSS
Limassol GWSS
Larnaca/ Famagusta GWSS
Paphos GWSS

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