Water Development Department

Non Governmental Water Works

Irrigation Divisions
In addition to the large Government Water Works which operate in accordance with the Integrated Management of Water Law, other smaller water works have been constructed in various rural areas which operate in accordance with the Irrigation Divisions Law.

Many Irrigation Divisions have been created or are reinforced within the framework of the completion of the integrated development projects in the country side, mainly during the period 1975-1990.

At that time, among other development projects, small local irrigation networks and water reservoirs were built with the assistance of the Water Development Department and the affected farmers- members of the Irrigation Division. Irrigation Divisions operate under the responsibility of local irrigation committees, under the chairmanship of the relevant District Officer, in accordance with the Irrigation Divisions Law.

At the end of the 90s, to handle the increasing requirements and the reduction of inflow of water to the dams, the Government started to use desalinised water, by securing the necessary quantities on the basis of agreements/ contracts. Sometime later, water produced by the tertiary waste water treatment plants started to be re-used. Recycled water is now an important, reliable source of irrigation water for Cyprus, which is dynamically part of the water balance, fulfilling an important percentage of the requirements.

Irrigation Associations
Irrigation Associations are small, local unions of farmers, who exploit specific sources of water in the form of water rights, in accordance with the Irrigation Associations (Private Water) Law.

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