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Geographical Information (GIS)

The introduction, supply/ adjustment/ development and operation of a complete Geographical Information System (GIS) which shall be compatible with best practices and cover all the requirements of the WDD as regards information, applications and standardized processes falls within the framework of the implementation of the strategic plan of the Water Development Department. Note that the reference made to a GIS goes beyond the narrow meaning of a mapping software. It is a full data base management system which also supports the geographical dimension of entities. The system is composed of a number of sub-systems and corresponding closely inter-linked applications whose development/ implementation is expected to be completed in two phases (Phases I and II).

On the basis of the above, the conclusion of the 1st Phase of the Project entitled “Supply and Support/ Maintenance of an Integrated Geographical Information System for the Water Development Department was launched in 2010 with the signature of the contract of procurement ISD2009/068/Α/Α on 21/12/2010. The contracting Authority is the Information Services Department (ISD). The recipient of the services is the Water Development Department (WDD) and the contractor is Hydro-Comp Enterprises Ltd, E.C.S. e-soft Business Software Ltd joint venture.

The main objective of the 1st Phase of the Project which was finalised on 22/11/2012 was to create infrastructure at the WDD and introduce know-how as regards the operation of various applications.

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