Water Development Department


You can find the Annual Reports of WDD from 1878 until today HERE

Download Acrobat file29/09/2009 - Dams of Cyprus (Attachment size: 14468,25Kb)
Download Acrobat file15/01/2011 - Cyprus River Basin Managment Plan (Attachment size: 9828,58Kb)
Download Acrobat file31/12/2003 - Development of Water Resources in Cyprus A Historical Review (Attachment size: 2057,32Kb)
Download Acrobat file01/06/2003 - The Central Wastewater Treatment Plant at Vathia Gonia (Attachment size: 1407,75Kb)
Download Acrobat file01/11/2002 - Use and Conservation of Water in Cyprus (Attachment size: 861,04Kb)
Download Acrobat file01/12/2001 - Dams of Cyprus (Attachment size: 13087,3Kb)
Download Acrobat file01/11/2000 - Southern Conveyor Project (Attachment size: 2482,39Kb)
Download Acrobat file01/10/1999 - Water Treatment and Desalination Plants (Attachment size: 2526,78Kb)
Download Acrobat file31/12/1989 - Water Development Department 50 years 1939-89 (Attachment size: 42796,78Kb)
Download Acrobat file30/09/1987 - Chrysochou Irrigation Project (Attachment size: 3347,43Kb)
Download Acrobat file30/06/1985 - Vasilikos-Pentaschoinos Project (Attachment size: 3180,02Kb)
Download Acrobat file31/12/1984 - Southern Conveyor Project (Attachment size: 8179,54Kb)
Download Acrobat file01/10/1984 - Vasilikos - Pendanskinos Project (Attachment size: 343,63Kb)
Download Acrobat file31/01/1983 - Pitsilia Intergated Rural Development Project (Attachment size: 28834,28Kb)
Download Acrobat file31/10/1982 - Paphos Irrigation Project (Attachment size: 4488,22Kb)
Download Acrobat file31/01/1981 - Pitsilia Intergated Rural Development Project (Attachment size: 51950,1Kb)
Download Acrobat file01/05/1977 - Paphos Irrigation Project (Attachment size: 7041,34Kb)
Download Acrobat file31/03/1966 - Dams of Cyprus 1964-1965 (Attachment size: 2176,95Kb)
Download Acrobat file18/11/1962 - Dams of Cyprus 1962-1963 (Attachment size: 2101,58Kb)
Download Acrobat file1878-1960 Cyprus Water Development from 1878-1960 (Attachment size: 3018,79Kb)

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