Water Development Department


In the recent years, Europe has frequently endured catastrophic floods with a risk to human lives and a serious impact on human health, the environment, infrastructure and property. In recognition of the requirement to enact Community legislation to manage the risk of floods, the European Union issued Directive 2007/60/EC in October 2007, which provides for the assessment and management of flood risks.

The Republic of Cyprus, as a member State of the European Union has already transposed the provisions of Directive 2007/60/EC in Cypriot legislation, by way of harmonizing legislation entitled the “Assessment, Management and Handling of Floor Risks laws” of 2010 and 2012. The harmonizing legislation which came in force in July 2010 designates the Ministry of the Interior as “Coordinating Authority” and the Water Development Department as “competent Authority” for its implementation.

For information in relation to the European and Cypriot legislation on floods and their implementation in Cyprus click here.

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