Water Development Department

Water saving measures

Despite that access to clean water is a basic human right, hundreds of millions of persons around the world are deprived of this right, while diseases due to contaminated water cause the death of millions of people every year.

In Cyprus, the development of water resources after Independence has been impressive as compared to other countries of the same size and level of development as our country. The connection of each residential and industrial unit with clean water that fulfils the European standards and the existence of 108 dams and water reservoirs with a capacity of around 332 million cubic metres that have been constructed, are conclusive evidence of this development.

In 2007, the Water Development Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture launched an awareness campaign at schools, on a scheduled basis, entitled WATER IN CYPRUS. In addition, content has been created entitled “The WDD in Schools” on the webpage of the WDD which contains educational material about water saving in our country. The objective is to create a water conscience since a young age.

The Ministry of Education and Culture particularly emphasises the development of a water conscience. Therefore, School curricula include Environmental Education on Sustainable Development and a special module on Water has been introduced in Elementary Education.

The overall Government policy will provide satisfactory solutions to all aspects of the water issue. However, water must not be taken for granted. Water shortage is one of the most crucial problems faced by humanity. Nature seems to give less and less water, so we must use it correctly and limit its wastage.

So be careful when using water. Use it. Don’t abuse it.


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