Water Development Department

Waste Water Directive (91/271/EEC)

Within the framework of the achievement of the objective of the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment concerning quality assurance and the protection of water resources and the water environment in the field of liquid waste, the full implementation of the Directive 91/271EEC on the treatment of urban waste water, is a priority. The construction of sewage systems for the management of urban waste water within the framework of the Directive contributes in dealing with sewage problems arising due to the overflow of sewers, which cause pollution and contamination of the subsoil and underground water, due to the infiltration of waste water into the subsoil. In addition, important benefits arise from the operation of the central sewage systems, such as the production of recycled water and sludge which may be used as soil improvers.

Implement Directive 91/271/EEC on urban waste water and the relevant national legislation
Planning and construction of sewage works in rural residential estates with a population exceeding 2000 e.p, in rural residential estates with a population less than 2000 e.p and in communities within urban areas
Planning and construction of domestic waste water, industrial waste water, redundant sludge and drainage treatment plants
Ensuring the quality of the operation of the tertiary treatment installations within the urban waste water treatment plants
Ensuring the operation and maintenance of sewage

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