The Portal is designed with a concept of four Sections of visitors, which are selected from the top of each page. They are:

  • Citizen
  • Residents Abroad
  • Business
  • Government

Depending on the category represented by each visitor, he/she selects the corresponding Section. Information displayed in the each Section varies, in order to assist visitors more accurately, depending on where they are. The same information may be found in more the one Sections.


Each Section contains a Group of links, displayed in a pre-selected sequence. Groups may describe a series of steps to complete an event cycle, or may gather related links together, as defined by their subject.

Groups are indicated with the image of a green square () and lead to a new page which contains exclusive links regarding the sleected Group.


Each Group includes a set of Links, which lead to different government websites and relate to the subject of the Link selected. A Link may open a variety of web page formats, as distinguished by the following symbols:

  • Opens a new web page with text

  • Opens a pdf file

  • Opens a word file

  • Opens an excel file

  • Opens a page with an on-line service

  • Opens a zip/rar file

All Links open in a new window.


If you cannot find what you are searching for by browsing through the Groups and Links, you may conduct a direct search using some keywords. The search field is located on the top of every page and the small arrow to the right starts the search process.

Useful Links

To the right of each page, you will find a set of links to important or useful web pages.


Also to the right of each web page, is a question you can answer in order to help us gather statistical information and improve our services.

The Weather

To the right of each page, there is a synopsis of the weather in Cyprus, in each of the five major cities. The data is gathered every hour from the Meteorological Services website. The small icon next to the temperatures, displays the weather in the capital, Nicosia.